Customer Reviews

Had my daughters 4th birthday party there recently and it was the best decision. So much for the kids to do, the staff was so accommodating and the price was great.
– Verlonda Johnson, Tallahassee FL

Finally made it to their toddler event. It was great. My two year old had lots of fun. Lots of stuff to do and a great price
– Anya Hanley, Tallahassee FL

My two hosts were amazing!!! Beyond amazing. This was the first birthday party that I literally wasn’t running around and the fact that it hasn’t been remodeled to have an arcade and play gym made it even more fun for my daughters party. I truly recommend!!
– Monique Redding, Tallahassee FL

We had my grandson’s birthday party there on 8/2/19 he turned 3. The entire staff was super pleasant. Thanks to the DJ for recognizing him and a special thanks to Miss Hanna for assisting with the party and the clean-up. We love you guys and keep doing great things.
– Cynthia Reed, Quincy, Florida

This place is much more modern and cleaner than other rinks I’ve been to. And the staff are really nice people. They actually have lockers to keep your stuff in too. The skate floor is a little bigger than most and definitely smoother. Nice.
– Clay Moncrief, Thomasville, GA

It’s amazing! My whole childhood I was here and now I introduced it to my children
– Kari Ann, Tallahassee FL

Went to Tiny Tots event with my 2 year old and he had a blast! We will be making this a regular event to attend. All the staff were so great with the kids.
– Andrea Zinker, Tallahassee FL

What a great place to have a birthday party or just take the family for fun and laughter. Brings back memories of being a kid.
– LeShan N Bryan Smith, Tallahassee FL

We had a blast! We won 1,000 tickets and our children’s elementary school received a check for $520! Can’t beat that for fun!
– Adama Scott, Tallahassee FL

Amazing place !!! Locally owned and the staff is phenomenal and actually cares about your experience and your kids. Indoors! The playground is so great for little ones and there are comfy spots for parents to chill and watch the kids play; or skate with them! Snacks and food are reasonably priced and birthday parties are effortless!!!! Highly recommend!!!
– Amy McKenna, Tallahassee FL

We love this place! There’s so much for kids, of all ages, to do here, and it’s reasonably priced!
– Alicia Blackwell, Crawfordville, FL

Skate World is great for all ages and they are an amazing community partner to local schools.
– Nancy Blum-Heintz

My boys love this place. We just went to our school night last night and I had to make them leave. Thanks to the owners there for making this place so great again for Kids!
– April Rizzo, Tallahassee FL

Had my sons 5th birthday party there and didn’t even have to lift a finger. Had a great birthday party hostess and everything played out really well the kids enjoyed themselves and the money was worth the spend.
– Ariel McKenzie, Tallahassee FL

So well run, clean, friendly owners who make sure people are treated right and have the best experience possible. We spend a lot of time here. So nice to see locally owned businesses crush it. Great job Skate World!
– Lisa Davis, Tallahassee FL

I can’t say enough good things about his place! FAMILY OWNED and the prices are great!! I think everyone should come out and check them out!
– Whitney Mitchell