tired workout - stretchingLiving healthy is something we all want to do but it’s also a lot easier said than done. A great way to add some healthy habits to your lifestyle is to incorporate fun activities that are good for you. Joining a sports team, taking a dance class or, our personal favorite, going skating, are all great options! Roller skating is a really great way to get and stay in shape.

Check out some of the health benefits and then swing by Skate World in Tallahassee, Florida, to get your exercise in after the big Thanksgiving feast.

  • Feel the burn – When you skate regularly, you might as well skip leg day at the gym! Roller skating can strengthen your leg muscles, including quads, hamstrings, hips, and calf muscles.
  • Strengthen your core – Roller skating works your core muscles better than almost any other recreational activity, making it a great way to get that six pack without doing boring crunches. You might not even notice it, but maintaining your balance requires you to flex and hold abdominal muscles that you might not normally engage, too.
  • Build your endurance – Tired of going nowhere fast on the treadmill? Come skate your heart out to get a fantastic cardio workout at the same time while your favorite music jams out and you have a great time with friends and family.

There are so many reasons to roller skate, but what better reason than your health? Check out our schedule and invite a friend to join you for an evening of skating fun that also happens to be a fitness routine.