It’s back to school season, so you know what that means? Time to plan your field trips for the year! If you’re looking for fun, educational activities in Tallahassee, Skate World Center has you covered! Our S.T.E.M. field trips are the perfect combination of hands-on S.T.E.M. learning and fun, keeping your students engaged and excited while learning about physics, math, physical fitness, and more!

S.T.E.M. And Skating Are The Perfect Pair

Our Tallahassee field trip program offers education and fun, all rolled into one! Professional S.T.E.M. educators teach students how math and science can be applied to all aspects of life, including fun activities such as roller skating.

Our lessons are available for grades kindergarten to 12th. They are tailored to your group to relate directly back to their classroom learning. Each field trip includes a 1 hour S.T.E.M. lesson and then is followed by 2 hours of roller skating! This time allows the students to see the principles discussed during the lesson in motion and gives them some healthy exercise for an added physical education bonus.

What Can Students Learn During A Roller Skating Field Trip?

When planning a field trip to the skating rink, teachers can choose what to focus on during the visit based on the age and interest of the students and their curriculum needs. The lessons offered can be adjusted to relate directly back to classroom learning whether the students are in elementary, middle, or high school. 

Some potential lesson topics include:

  • The Science of Roller Skating
  • Motion & Rink Design
  • Music, Math & Roller Skating
  • Super Sound! Acoustics & Rink Design
  • Science of Lighting
  • Heart, Health & Fitness
  • Formulas, Fractions, and Fun!
  • Newton on Roller Skates
  • The Science Behind Roller & Ice Hockey
  • Arcade STEM
  • Physics of Artistic Roller Skating (Middle School only)

Don’t let another school year go by without sharing this exciting learning experience with your class! Contact us to discuss your potential field trip or make a reservation at our Tallahassee skating rink.