When the new year turned, most of us were full of optimism. We set our goals and resolutions while we were feeling hopeful and energetic. But now it’s mid-January. Between the weather and the back-to-work grind, we may not be feeling quite so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed anymore. Are your fitness resolutions falling by the wayside a bit?

Not to worry! At Skate World Center we know all about how to perk back up. Check out our tips for getting your fitness goals started (or back on track).

  • Forgive Yourself. Nobody is perfect! It’s ok to mess up. Tomorrow is another day to try again.
  • Adjust Your Expectations. Don’t assume that you’ll become a fitness guru in just a few days or weeks. A healthful lifestyle takes time to develop and practice. Create small, manageable goals for yourself and work on one or two at a time. Once they become habits, you can add more.
  • Get a Buddy. Enlist your family and friends to join you in your fitness pursuits. You’ll enjoy having someone to talk to, and it’s always helpful to have an accountability buddy.

And finally, the most important tip: find something fun. Making new habits is hard enough. Don’t make it harder! Find an exercise routine that you enjoy and you’re more likely to stick with it. Why not try roller skating? When you visit an open skate session or take some lessons at Skate World Center, you’ll reap all the benefits of skating as a workout: it burns calories, improves balance, increases endurance, and can even boost your mood.