Slow your roll! If you’re just starting to roller skate, you may be struggling on how to make roller skates slower. Speed isn’t everything. It is important to slow down and be careful while you’re getting the hang of skating. Believe it or not, there are ways you can slow your roll.

Practice on carpet or grass

Sometimes you just have to get off smooth surfaces to go slower. No matter what kind of roller skate you’re wearing, your skates won’t be able to go fast on carpet or grass. As you practice, remember to keep your knees slightly bent like you would on the rink!

Walk like a duck

This one seems a little weird, so bare with us. The duck walk is a great way to practice walking on roller skates. If you keep your strides short, you shouldn’t roll. This is good to get to where you’re going safely and laugh at yourself a little bit!

Learn how to use your toe stopper

Biggest tip, use your toe stoppers! That’s what they’re on your skates for in the first place. On quad skates, you’ll have a toe stopper on each skate. With rollerblades and inline skates, you’ll find them on the back of the skates, but it may only be on one. To safely use your toe stopper, apply pressure on the inside edge of your toe and drag your toe stop across the ground until you slow down or come to a stop.

We hope these tips help you slow your roll! We know you’ll be skating along slowly and safely. Need more help learning how to skate? Check out our lessons at Skate World Center! We have lessons every Saturday for beginner’s and would love for you to come check them out.