Summer break for children is all about getting outside and being with friends. Summer break for mom and dad means wrangling children, keeping them entertained and keeping them uninjured. Enough summer injuries happen from running on the pool deck, jumping on the neighbor’s trampoline or just getting into a sibling tussle. So, we want to give you all the safety tips for roller skating this summer.

Roller skating is a ton of fun no matter what the season. However, summer time brings the roller skaters outside. The outdoors brings fresh air but also falls. Outdoor roller skating is more dangerous because the conditions are not controlled. With outdoor roller skating comes gravel, no walls to reach for, outside influences including cars, bikes, dogs and siblings. No matter where you are skating this summer, we want you to skate safely. We have come up with our most important skating safety tips indoor versus outdoor.

Outdoor Skating Safety:

  • Stay Alert
  • If skating during sunrise/sunset or after dark, wear bright colored, reflective clothing
  • Wear A HELMET
  • Consider knee pads and elbow pads
  • Use the sidewalk. Roller skaters are not allowed on most roadways

Indoor Skating Safety:

  • Be mindful of other skaters and their abilities
  • Skate with traffic
  • if you are a newer skater, stay close to the walls in case you lose balance (Check out our skating lessons at Skate World)
  • Consider knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet

Whether you are skating inside or outside we want you to enjoy the summer months injury-free and full of fun. Check out our summer specials for a full list of extended hours, summer pricing and special events.