Halloween is right around the corner! At Skate World Center we love holidays, and not just because we love candy and costumes. If you don’t have time to fight through the crowds at the costume store this weekend, check out these DIY Halloween costumes for kids! These don’t take much time and can be put together with items you may already have. Halloween costumes

  • Spaghetti and meatballs: Cut a hole in a red checkered tablecloth so it can be worn like a poncho. Make “spaghetti” out of off-white yarn and “meatballs” out of brown cotton balls or styrofoam balls. Glue these to a plastic plate and add a little red paint as sauce. A small, lightweight cooking pot can even be a hat, but make sure it’s not heavy enough to cause headaches.
  • Flower pot: Cut the bottom out of a large plastic tub and make simple straps out of duct tape or suspenders so it can be worn like a skirt. Glue fake flowers to the inside, and dress your child in matching/coordinating colors. Glue another flower to a headband for a hat!
  • Kid’s Hogwarts robes: Cut an adult-size black t-shirt up the middle. Add a patch for their favorite House, and go to your friendly neighborhood wand-maker (also known as the backyard) for a “wand” (also known as a stick).
  • Stick figure: Wear all white clothes, and use paint or electrical tape to draw a stick figure on them. Draw a simple face on a white paper plate (don’t forget to cut eye holes, and make them large enough to see properly) and add elastic to make a mask.

With a little creativity, you can turn a last-minute costume emergency into the best costume ever. Just make sure your costumes are safe for skating at Skate World Center in Tallahassee, FL!