Yellow hazard sign of person falling downIf you’re learning how to roller skate, there are 2 things you need to know:

  1. You will fall down. It’s inevitable, so get used to it. 
  2. There’s a right way to fall – and it makes falling a lot less painful! 

That’s right, if you can believe it. There really is a right way to fall on skates, and a wrong (read: dangerous) way to fall on skates. Mastering the techniques for properly falling on skates can help you avoid injury and get rolling again in no time. Don’t forget that we offer skating lessons at Skate World Center to help you improve your skills!

Tips for Falling Safely

If you do take a tumble on roller skates, remember these tips. 

  • Pick a direction and go with it. If you’ve ever fallen directly on your tailbone, you know that it can really hurt! If you are going to fall over backwards, try to pick a side and lean so that you fall more on one side of your bum than flat on your tailbone. 
  • It’s instinctive to break your fall with your hands, but as soon as possible you should get your hands off the floor or into fists. You don’t want your fingers splayed out flat on the floor in case someone accidentally skates over them! Practice falling safely and keeping your hands off the floor, either on your knees, thighs, or in the air. 
  • When falling forward, try to control your fall by going down on one knee and sliding. This can minimize the impact of your fall. 

The most important part of falling down on roller skates is getting back up! Check out this great tutorial for a lesson on how to get back up on roller skates after you fall. Practice makes perfect, so check out our schedule for hours and events