S.T.E.M. – Unique Education Experience PLUS Physical Fitness,
All Rolled Into One!

When participating in one of our STEM field trip adventures, students will learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math can be found in everyday experiences, even in FUN EXPERIENCES like ROLLERSKATING!

One hour of STEM education and two hours of physical fitness through roller skating.


School Trips | Skate World Center Reasons For a Tallahassee School Skating Party

  • It’s a FUN School Field Trip
  • Reward Attendance, Good Behavior & Grades
  • Promote Fitness While Having Fun
  • Celebrate the Completion of Another Year

Tallahassee School Grant Program

The Roller Skating Foundation is proud to share with you information on our school grant program. Throughout the year, the Roller Skating Foundation has raised money to help support educational programs at schools across the country, promote physical fitness, provide scholarships to deserving high school and undergraduate students, and promote the sport of roller skating. For 2022-23, the Roller Skating Foundation will be making several grants, ranging from $250 and up, available to schools, educators and volunteers to accomplish educational objectives and fitness-related goals.

What our customers say…

We had a blast! We won 1,000 tickets and our children’s elementary school received a check for $520! Can’t beat that for fun!
– Adama Scott, Tallahassee FL

Skate World is great for all ages and they are an amazing community partner to local schools.
– Nancy Blum-Heintz