Closeup of young child in helmet on skatesWe’re often asked “how old do children need to be to learn to skate?” but really, if they’re old enough to stand, balance, and follow directions, then they’re old enough to skate. Of course, teaching kids to skate requires a little extra attention and care, but here are a few tips to help ease the process:

Teaching Kids to Not be Scared on Skates

Some kids are fearless, whereas others might be a little intimidated by skating. Either way, a good place to start teaching kids to skate is teaching them to fall down! Showing them how to safely fall down and stand up takes away some of the fear of falling. It’s also a good skill to learn before hitting the rink.

Basic Skating

Once they know how to fall and get up, it’s time to bring in balance. Instruct them to bend their knees to maintain their balance. The “neutral” stance has their head, shoulders, and hips in line directly over their skates. Leaning forward and walking on their skates comes next. So that’s learning to fall, to get up, to stand, and then to move!

Get Help from the Professionals!

Our Tallahassee skating lessons are a wonderful way to teach your kids how to skate. Lessons are only $9.00 and include skate rentals. To make sure everyone is comfortable, classes are divided between the carpet group and the floor group. That way kids can learn at their own rate and level of comfort.

Contact us at 1-850-386-4807 for more information about our Tallahassee children’s skating lessons!