Experience STEM Learning and Fun with a Skate World Field Trip

STEM Field Trips graphic with apples and pencilsWe believe that science, technology, engineering, and math (collectively known as STEM Fields) are sometimes best taught through hands-on learning. That is why we are so proud to offer exciting STEM Field Trips in Tallahassee for children in grades K-12!

At our premier Tallahassee skate center, our STEM educators can teach your students through practical and engaging lessons on a wide range of STEM topics. Each student field trip includes one hour of STEM education designed to show children that STEM is fun and exciting! Plus, each lesson is customizable based on your lesson plan and your individual needs as an educator. That means the concepts your students learn with us will directly relate back to their classroom learning!

Our STEM Field Trip options include:

  • The Science of Roller Skating
  • Motion & Rink Design
  • Music, Math & Roller Skating
  • Super Sound! Acoustics & Rink Design
  • Engineering Magic & Lighting
  • Heart Health
  • Formulas, Fractions, and Fun!

Of course, no trip to our Tallahassee skate center would be complete without skating, so each field trip also includes two hours of physical fitness and fun with roller skating! Plus, our field trips are designed so that the concepts your students learned during the lesson will be reinforced during their two hours of skating time.

Here is what local Tallahassee area educators are saying about our STEM Field Trip program!

So let us help you take learning beyond the classroom. To book a STEM Field Trip for your class, or for more information about our field trips, please contact us today at 1-850-386-4807!

16 Activities to Keep Your Kids Cool & Active This Summer

summer activitiesSummer may be winding down, but temperatures are staying in the 80’s and 90’s. With the scorching heat outside, kids may not want to be outdoors. Unfortunately, this causes them to be couch potatoes and watch television all day. That’s why the team at Skate World Center put together a list of summer activities that your kids will love! It will get them moving and enjoying summer again (and may even help them reconnect with friends before they head back to school).

  1. Camp in your backyard
  2. Construct a tent indoors using blankets and chairs
  3. Eat at a new restaurant
  4. Finger paint new wall décor
  5. Go on a hike at a nearby trail
  6. Have a water balloon fight
  7. Host a scavenger hunt
  8. Make your own slip ‘n slide
  9. Paint the kid’s bedrooms (with their help)
  10. Play at a local park
  11. Play board games
  12. Roller skate at Skate World Center
  13. Swim at the pool
  14. Tackle a kid-friendly project
  15. Visit a nearby zoo
  16. Wash the cars

Even though school is quickly approaching, there’s still time to have summer fun. Make it a point to check off everything on this list! Your kids will be glad you did, and so will you!

Checking off number 12? We want to make sure you get the best deal around. That’s why we created a summer fun special just for you! Your kids will be having a blast and you won’t break the bank. Check out our hours, then head to the roller skating rink today!

Why Summer Birthday Parties Are Better At Skate World

roller skatingParents, are you racking your brain for a great birthday party venue in the Tallahassee area? Skate World Center is the answer! Summer birthdays are often spent at the pool or outside. But, with this hot weather we’re experiencing, take a break from the heat and head to Skate World Center. This is why kids of all ages love a birthday party at the roller skating rink:

  • It Provides a Social Outlet – Summertime is fun but sometimes it can get lonely. When you book a party at the roller skating rink, your child will get to reconnect with friends and hang out for hours.
  • It Changes Up the Ordinary Routine – Sleep, swim, eat, repeat. Summer days are often spent at the pool, then home for dinner, then bedtime. To change up the routine, head to the rink!
  • It’s Great Exercise – Your kiddos don’t know this because they’re having so much fun, but roller skating is a great form of exercise. When they’re racing around the rink, they’re burning calories, toning muscles, and improving their heart health.

Skate World Center = Party City

Don’t have a summer birthday? No problem! We have specials going on all year long to make sure that you can throw a roller skating party that your kids will love. For example, we host parties all the time for summer camps, daycares, after-school programs, sports teams, and more! When you have at least 10 skaters in your group, we will be able to give you a great discount. Are you ready to book your birthday party or just because party at Skate World Center? Contact us today for more info!

The Incredible History of Roller Skating

roller skatingMoms and Dads, before you bring your kids to Skate World Center in Tallahassee for our awesome summer special, tell them about the history of roller skating! This allows you to combine fun and learning. Check out the interesting history of roller skating:

  • 1743 – Roller skates were first used in a London stage performance. However, what wasn’t recorded was the inventor of this roller skate!
  • 1760 – John Joseph Merlin is credited as the inventor of the roller skate, but these skates were not like the skates we skate with today. They were very archaic.
  • 1819 – A Frenchman named Mr. Petitbled patented the roller skate design. Although this was an impressive feat in the 1800’s, this design did not boast maneuverability.
  • 1857 – Less than a century after the first roller skates were seen on a stage, London opened its first public roller skating rinks.
  • 1863 – Finally, a man named James Plimpton improved the roller skate design. The quad skate was designed with four wheels, two in the front and two in the back. This new design increased maneuverability immensely which warranted the first public skating rink in New York City.
  • 1876 – Thanks to the toe stop invention in 1876, skaters enjoyed easy stopping while racing around the rink.
  • 1880’s – This decade is credited as the first roller skate “boom” period, as roller skates were finally being mass-produced in the United States.
  • 1902 – A public skating rink was opened in Chicago, Illinois, and opening night saw 7,000 people!
  • 1979 – If you’re a rollerblade lover, you likely know of the Olson brothers. Scott Olson launched the company Rollerblade, Inc. in 1979!
  • 1983 – The love of roller skating spread to the White House when President Ronald Reagan declared October as National Roller Skating Month.
  • 1993 – To increase safety for roller skaters, Rollerblade Inc. developed Active Brake Technology.

Now that you’re up to speed on the history of roller skating, we want you to race around the rink at Skate World Center! Check out our summer schedule and head to the rink today.

Summer Specials We Know You’ll Love at Skate World Center

roller skatingMoms and dads, school is out and FUN is in. If you’re searching for a fun activity in Tallahassee, Florida, for your kids to do over the summer, look no further than Skate World Center. We want your kids to have the best summer ever! So, that’s why we have an incredible special that we think you’re going to love. Check it out:

Summer Fun Special

All summer long, the team at Skate World Center is hosting an incredible summer deal that is valid Monday through Friday. Admission to our skate center is only $9! Do you have a child that isn’t crazy about skating or is too young to roller skate? No problem! Admission covers one activity: racing around the roller skating rink or playing at the playground. If you need to rent skates, the cost is only $4 extra. (Make sure to dress the kids appropriately to ensure they don’t trip!)

Why Unstructured Play is Necessary

For roughly 180 days of the year, kids are in a very structured place: school. Their classes, lunch break, recess, and everything in between fits into a tight schedule. We understand that school must be that way to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. But, after a long school year, kids are ready for unstructured play!

At Skate World Center, you can relax knowing that your kids are in a safe and fun environment. They will enjoy playing with their siblings and friends at the rink or playground. And, there are many benefits of unstructured play such as increased social skills, brain development, and more.

Are you ready to bring your kids to Skate World Center? Check out our schedule and head to the rink today!

Summer Field Trips at Skate World Center

When most people think of field trips, they think of a break from the monotony of the school day. But what about your summer camp or daycare? A skating field trip at Skate World Center will not only keep your campers active, entertained, and engaged, it will also take the pressure off your counselors and directors to find activities!

Skate World Center field trips offer more than just a break, though. We offer an indoor, fully air-conditioned space for kids to get active! Fun, engaging exercise like roller skating will improve everyone’s mood, ward off boredom, make bedtimes easier (which parents will love), and help prevent summer brain drain. Planning monthly, or even weekly field trips will give your campers something extra to look forward to, acting as an incentive for good behavior.

When you plan a field trip with Skate World Center, you don’t have to worry about anything other than booking a date and making sure parents and kids are aware. We handle skate rental and food, and of course, the activities are built in. Your group can purchase food packages or kids can purchase their own, depending on your needs. Not only that, but chaperones skate free!

Give yourself and your campers a break this year and book a field trip at Skate World Center. Availability is limited and will go fast, so don’t delay. Contact us today and let’s get started planning a field trip for your daycare, day camp, summer class program, or even parents group!

Your Guide to Planning a Perfect Mother’s Day

mother's dayMother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th, and we know you want to make the day super special for Mom. Fortunately, you can celebrate Mom all day! From sunrise to sunset, the team at Skate World put together the perfect step-by-step guide to ensure a Mother’s Day she will never forget.

Breakfast Bash

Moms make sure the groceries are bought, dinners are made, and kids’ tummies are full. She’s always cooking! So, this Mother’s Day, make a delicious breakfast for Mom to enjoy in the morning. You can go out to eat at her favorite breakfast restaurant or make a home-cooked meal – whatever Mom prefers!

Afternoon Activity

Choose a Mother’s Day activity that’s fun for the whole family – roller skating at Skate World! To celebrate Mom on her special day, we’re letting all moms skate for free and handing her free chocolate Hershey’s kisses! Skate World is open from 1 pm – 5 pm on Mother’s Day. And admission is only $9 (skate rental is $4 or bring your own skates).

Sunset S’mores

To finish the day, treat Mom to a campfire in the backyard! She likely has a sweet tooth from the free chocolate Hershey kisses she received at Skate World; so, plan a fun s’mores date for her and the family. The ingredients necessary to make the perfect s’more includes graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate Hershey bars.

If you bring Mom to Skate World for Mother’s Day, we know she will have a blast roller skating, listening to fun music, and being with her family. Contact us if you have any questions!

Skates Hurt? Try Relacing!

Nothing will ruin your roller skating fun like painful feet. If your skates are the right size but still don’t quite fit, it may be time to adjust your laces. Check out some ways to correct common problems with skates and how to re-lace to correct them.

By necessity, roller skates are sturdier than shoes. If you have high arches, you’ll probably notice pressure on the top of your feet, which can be slightly uncomfortable or quite painful depending on the height of your arches. Easing the pressure will lead to a much more comfortable experience.

If your heel is slipping, triple-check that your skates aren’t too big. Try a size down, and remember that one foot may be bigger or smaller than the other! If a size down is too small, then you’ll want to tighten your laces towards the back to keep your skates steady on your feet and prevent blisters. Consider also wearing thicker socks.

In the event your toes are what bothers you, you’ll want to lift them up a bit. This lacing technique (bottom left) is slightly tricky to master, but if you have corns, ingrown toenails, or other toe problems, you’ll find the extra effort is worth it.

Remember, if you have questions or concerns about your skates, don’t hesitate to talk to the staff at Skate World Center any time we’re open. We love roller skating as much as we love chatting with our customers, and we can’t wait to share our knowledge with you!

Why You Should Make Roller Skating Your Go-To Hobby

friendsHave you been searching for fun things to do during spring and summer? Don’t let Mother Nature dictate your plans. Outsmart her! You can roller skate at Skate World Center – rain or shine! Check out a few reasons why you should start roller skating today:

Roller Skating is a Social Activity

School is a great place to meet friends and socialize. But, in the upcoming summer months, students likely won’t see everyone from their class. Come to Skate World Center in Tallahassee, FL to meet new friends! You’ll meet like-minded people who love to have fun. It’s a great way to spend your afternoons during the spring and summer seasons.

Roller Skating is a Mode of Transportation

If you’re under 16-years-old, you’re not allowed to drive a car by yourself. But, this summer, you may have places to be! Roller skating is a great mode of transportation, especially in cities that have a lot of sidewalks. As always, take precaution when you’re skating to stay out of the way of vehicles, and wear the protective gear in order to stay safe.

Roller Skating is a Fun Way to Lose Weight

If you dread going to the gym and are looking for a fun way to lose weight, roller skating is a great way to get in shape! It tones your muscles, burns calories, and improves your heart health. Additionally, it’s great for your emotional health. Roller skating can boost your mood and help you sleep sounder at night.

We bet that once you start roller skating, you’ll fall in love with the activity. So check out our hours and skate with us today!

What to Wear While Roller Skating at Skate World Center

roller skating outfitAre you searching for a fun activity in Tallahassee, Florida, that will keep you entertained for hours? Look no further than roller skating at Skate World! At our skating center, you’ll have a blast and get great exercise at the same time.

You’re probably wondering what to wear while roller skating. Check out these helpful tips:

Thick & High Socks

The right socks are imperative for a successful roller skating outing. Whether you’re trying to get in shape by roller skating regularly or skating just for fun, the wrong socks could ruin your day. Make sure you wear thick, high socks to avoid blisters. The right socks will also help your roller skates fit just right. This will help you skate better – which, in turn, will help you have an awesome time!

Comfortable Clothing

When you roller skate, you want to be comfortable. Wear clothing that allows for plenty of movement and makes you feel confident. One of the best parts of roller skating is wearing flashy clothes! Dress up as much as you want and head to the rink. You’ll fit right in with the coolest kids in town.

Protective Gear

Wearing protective roller skating gear is always a good idea. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or millionth time roller skating. When you wear gear, you can skate with confidence because you know that if you fall, you’re protected! The team at Skate World Center suggests wearing a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads.

Now that you have dressed the part, head to Skate World Center with your friends to enjoy endless hours of fun. Check out our hours!