Nominate Your School for a Roller Skating Grant!

Teachers and educators, are you looking for more ways to raise money to support your school’s educational programs? Good news: the Roller Skating Foundation has released its 2018 grant application.thoughts

The Roller Skating Foundation grants are designed to do several things: promote physical fitness and the sport of roller skating, support schools with financial needs, provide scholarships for students in high school or undergraduate programs, and encourage creative approaches to educational objectives and fitness-related goals. For 2018 there will be several grants available for schools, educators, and volunteers. Grants will begin at $250, and your school or class could be a recipient!

The Roller Skating Foundation will consider three factors when making grant determinations. Of course, this is a skating organization, so priority is given to projects focused on roller skating, physical fitness, and/or physical education. The financial needs of the school in question will be a factor. The creativity and innovation of the proposed project also play a role. Have you always wanted to take your kids to one of our STEM field trips? Here’s your chance to make that happen!

The application deadline is January 10th, 2018, and decisions will be made by February 10th. The grant application can be found here and can be edited in Adobe Reader for ease. With the holidays and end of term chaos, it’s easy for things to get lost in the shuffle. Don’t let that happen to you–start today! And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff at Skate World Center!

Show Your Thanks by Giving Back

As we head into the holiday season, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by commercialism. After all, the holidays are about presents, right? Not necessarily! This year, join Skate World Center to show your thanks by giving back.

Volunteering at a young age is a great way to learn the value of helping others and refocus on gratitude and family togetherness during this hectic time of year. It can also help encourage kids to feel empowered to change the world for the better. The habits kids learn now will serve them through their lives, so why not start volunteering with your kids?giving back

The trick to encouraging community service in your kids is to find age-appropriate, fun activities that you can do together. Your school, church, scout troop, work, or other organization may have opportunities already in the works. Otherwise, try these ideas:

  • Call your local animal shelters, homeless shelters, senior centers, and other volunteer-based nonprofits to ask what kind of help they need that your family can provide.
  • Join Skate World Center on November 10th for our Veteran’s Day Skate! Bring a donation for Veteran’s Village and get free admission.
  • Pack simple, shelf-stable bagged lunches (no mayonnaise or anything that could spoil!) to give out to those that need it. As the weather gets colder, consider adding chemical hand warmers.
  • Participate in organized fundraisers. Many charity 5k runs include a “fun run” or “toddler trot” option for young kids and families.
  • Skip the presents this Christmas or birthday and ask friends and family to donate to a good cause instead.

No matter how you choose to give back, remember to reward your little helpers afterward with fun activities like an open skate session at Skate World Center in Tallahassee, FL.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is right around the corner! At Skate World Center we love holidays, and not just because we love candy and costumes. If you don’t have time to fight through the crowds at the costume store this weekend, check out these DIY Halloween costumes for kids! These don’t take much time and can be put together with items you may already have. Halloween costumes

  • Spaghetti and meatballs: Cut a hole in a red checkered tablecloth so it can be worn like a poncho. Make “spaghetti” out of off-white yarn and “meatballs” out of brown cotton balls or styrofoam balls. Glue these to a plastic plate and add a little red paint as sauce. A small, lightweight cooking pot can even be a hat, but make sure it’s not heavy enough to cause headaches.
  • Flower pot: Cut the bottom out of a large plastic tub and make simple straps out of duct tape or suspenders so it can be worn like a skirt. Glue fake flowers to the inside, and dress your child in matching/coordinating colors. Glue another flower to a headband for a hat!
  • Kid’s Hogwarts robes: Cut an adult-size black t-shirt up the middle. Add a patch for their favorite House, and go to your friendly neighborhood wand-maker (also known as the backyard) for a “wand” (also known as a stick).
  • Stick figure: Wear all white clothes, and use paint or electrical tape to draw a stick figure on them. Draw a simple face on a white paper plate (don’t forget to cut eye holes, and make them large enough to see properly) and add elastic to make a mask.

With a little creativity, you can turn a last-minute costume emergency into the best costume ever. Just make sure your costumes are safe for skating at Skate World Center in Tallahassee, FL!

Celebrate National Roller Skating Month!

National Roller Skating MonthIt’s our absolute favorite month of the year. Not only because of the fall activities that October brings, but also because it’s National Roller Skating Month!

Enjoy National Roller Skating Month by visiting Skate World Center during October!

To celebrate National Roller Skating Month, we wanted to tell you five of our favorite reasons why we love roller skating. The reasons are easy to remember, just recall the acronym: SKATE.

  1. Strength Training. Roller skating increases your body’s strength. Every time you build up speed and make strides to skate faster, your leg muscles and abdominal muscles are getting a great workout. Interested in taking lessons? Check out our available lessons for beginners and advanced roller skaters!
  2. Kindred Spirits. A kindred spirit is a person who has similar interests as you. When you’re at Skate World Center, you can be confident that there are many people who like the same things you do – especially having fun and roller skating!
  3. Attitude Booster. You rarely see a sad person at a skate center. Why? Because when you roller skate, you are releasing endorphins! Simply put, endorphins are a chemical that is released from the body that makes you feel better.
  4. Total Workout. Roller skating has incredible health benefits. It gives you a great cardio workout while having fun. There’s no need to run on the hot asphalt anymore when you can race around our rink in the refreshing air conditioning.
  5. Energy Enhancer. If you’re having a lazy day or feel sluggish after a long day at school or the office, come to our skate center! Roller skating boosts your energy only minutes after starting your laps.
It doesn’t matter what month it is, come skate with us at Skate World Center! Check out our hours.

Swing for the Fences with a Team Party at Skate World Center

There’s no better time to have a sports team party than the fall. Summer sports are wrapping up, playoffs are starting, and winter sports are right around the corner! The members of your team have worked hard all season, so why not reward them with a team party at Skate World Center in Tallahassee

Sports team partiesTeam parties at Skate World are fun for your kids, easy for parents and organizers, and affordable. You don’t have to worry about setup, cleanup, decorations, food, or drinks. We even provide a party host to make sure everything goes well. Parents don’t have to bring food, coaches don’t have to organize contributions, and nobody from your team has to sweep up afterwards! Whether you choose the skating rink or playground option, the kids will have a great time. Plus, it’s affordable–only $16 per guest gets you three hours of play, pizza and soda, all the table essentials, twelve tokens for each guest to use in the arcade, and more.

Team parties are traditional at the end of the season as a way to thank parents and coaches, share memories, and say goodbye to friends, but the beginning of the season is a great time for an icebreaker party as well. Players will work together better if they have a chance to get to know each other off the field.  

It’s never too early to start planning a team party–space fills up fast! Only a $40 deposit secures your date. Contact Skate World Center today and let’s work on yours! 

Schedule Your FUNdraising Event at Skate World!

Donate Money Roller skating is our passion here at Skate World, but so is community involvement. We believe that the best way to have a successful fundraising event is to make sure that everyone involved is having FUN! We have a few slots at Skate World Center still available for your school’s fundraising event this fall!

Check out the benefits of having your fundraising event at Skate World.

While we are all about having fun at Skate World, we take community involvement seriously. When businesses involve themselves in the community, a ripple effect occurs. People in the community get to know each other better while joining together for a common cause. We are honored to be the go-to place in the Tallahassee area for fundraising events.

Our team encourages you to host your fundraising event at Skate World, but also make sure to involve your students! When students take part in fundraising events and community involvement activities, they receive a plethora of school-related benefits, including:

  • Consistent homework completion
  • Higher test and quiz scores
  • Improved behavior in class
  • Increased social skills and self-esteem
  • Reduced rate of suspension and detention
  • Regular attendance at school

Teachers, coaches, and room parents, we have spots still available for booking! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have fun at Skate World while raising money for a good cause. After securing your slot at our entertainment center, check out these tips to make sure your fundraising event is the best one yet.

Contact us today to book your fundraising event.

Roller Skating Meets Education! Fun Facts About STEM

roller skatingDid you know that roller skating is full of science, technology, engineering, and mathematical elements? At Skate World, we provide S.T.E.M. field trips for students to get them excited about learning and to have a good time!

Check out a couple of ways that roller skating is interlinked with S.T.E.M.:

Roller skating meets science.

  • Did you know that between the wheel and axle of your roller skate is a tiny device called a bearing? This bearing fights friction! Friction occurs when two objects resist each other which force the objects to slow down. With this bearing, friction is almost non-existent. This helps you go fast!

Roller skating meets technology.

  • Can you imagine roller skating with wooden wheels? If you lived a century ago, you would have! Thankfully, roller skates evolved into much faster, better equipment so we can enjoy them even more. Wooden wheels were replaced with durable, colorful plastic.

Roller skating meets engineering.

  • Most people don’t know that behind every element of the skate, an engineer played a huge role. Mechanical engineers designed and tested the skate for safety and accuracy. Material engineers discovered the material used in the skate to provide a comfortable ride. Civil engineers designed ramps for you to safely enjoy skating!

Roller skating meets math.

  • Every time you skate, you are putting math in action! When you begin skating, you are actually proving Newton’s first law of motion. Your roller skate wheels will not move unless an outside force moves them. Additionally, the wheels won’t stop moving until an outside force makes them stop. This concept translated into a math equation is weight = mass x gravity.

If you’re a teacher and you’re interested in showing science, technology, engineering, and math in a fun way, take your students on a S.T.E.M. field trip! We will teach your students how S.T.E.M. is in every activity we do. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Tips for Teaching Your Child How to Roller Skate

how to teach your child how to skateRoller skating is an incredibly fun sport that not only keeps you healthy but happy, too! If your little one hasn’t tried roller skating yet, there’s no better time than the present to teach your child how to roller skate.

Check out Skate World’s upcoming events for family fun!

Consider these three helpful tips before teaching your child how to roller skate:

Learn the roller skating basics.

  • Skating is all about balance. If your child keeps his knees bent and leans slightly forward, his center of gravity will help him stay upright. Then, have your child walk in his skates. (This may be where a few falls occur, so make sure to hold his hand). After he feels confident walking, encourage him to glide! With his feet gliding one at a time in a forward diagonal direction, your little one will be skating the day away in no time! Check out more roller skating basics including the different ways to stop.

Stay safe while roller skating.

  • Safety is key when trying out a new sport. Make sure to dress your child appropriately with a helmet, wrist guard, and knee and elbow pads. Safety gear will soften the landing if he falls and protect important parts of his body. The first several times your child starts roller skating, let him practice on grass or carpet. This will help him master gliding in his skates before stepping onto the rink.

Confidence is everything.

  • When your little one is trying out roller skates for the first time, he may be nervous and insecure. If he falls or is having trouble getting the hang of it, encourage him to continue! Tell him a funny story about roller skating or remind him that no one mastered roller skating the first time they put on skates. Over time and with practice, your child will be able to skate with confidence.

Do you want extra help teaching your child how to roller skate? Sign up for our beginner skating lessons! Lessons cost $9, and are on Saturday mornings from 9:45 to 10:45. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

Back to Back Fun for Back to School

Who says the end of summer has to be boring? If you love summer specials at Skate World, you’ll go crazy for our school kickoff skate events. Fall hours start August 14th, with back-to-back School Kickoff Events just days later. Don’t miss it; there’s plenty of fun for everyone!

For the Tots

Every kid’s a hero at Skate World! August 18th is Super Hero Day for all our Tiny Tots. We want to see your incredible, super, wonder babies all decked out like their — okay, okay, your — favorite superheroes? Your toddlers can vanquish the villains at the craft table while they make their own super hero shield and mask to protect their secret identity. We’ll also have snacks, skate and ride fun, and plenty of photo opportunities to capture your kids in their super hero style. Tiny Tots runs from 10am to 1pm. Admission is $7 or $10 to include lunch.  

For the Teens

all night skateLittle kids might be up at the crack of dawn, but we’re inviting older kids and teens to push bedtime to the limit on Friday, August 18th. It’s time for our annual All Night Skate to kickoff the school year! We have 8 hours of skating, tournaments, games, contests, and special prizes starting at 11pm. One lucky kid will even win a pair of roller-skates! Before the event ends at 7 the next morning, we’re handing out milk and donuts for breakfast. Don’t miss the fun! Get your ticket for just $27.

Our excitement for August is heating up. Don’t miss these special back-to-school events at Skate World Center.

3 Reasons Why Summer’s Most Loved Activity Just Got Better

It’s nearly impossible for the whole family to find something for everyone under one roof. However, Skate World Center offers a variety of fun for kids of all ages! We have a roller skating rink for beginners and professionals to race around, an arcade full of games for adults and kids to enjoy, and a playground for kids 10 and under to explore.

Check out our summer hours today!

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or simply have a summer outing, Skate World Center is the perfect place to take the entire family. Here are three reasons why:

  1. summer fun for kidsWe’re more than just your typical skating rink. Don’t let the name fool you. While we do have one of the best skating rinks in the Tallahassee area, our facility has much more to offer. Our playground is a unique feature that not many other rinks can boast about! This indoors jungle gym is for kids 10 and under. Just make sure you have on socks!
  2. You have options. We know that all kids are different, with different wants and needs. If you have a child who doesn’t want to skate, you can buy an admission ticket for specific attractions. Or, buy a package ticket to enjoy all attractions at a deal you will love.
  3. You won’t have to consider the weather. This summer has been a hot one, and sometimes you need a break from the sun! Beat the heat by bringing your kids to our roller rink, and watch them skate the day away.

At Skate World Center, we take fun seriously. Come out to the rink and enjoy an activity that the entire family can enjoy! Be ready for a day filled with memories to be made.