Spooky Skating Rolls into Town

Halloween is almost here, and things getting spooky at Skate World. We’re tossing skating tricks, holiday treats, and spooky prizes into our witch’s brew and setting it to boil. What frightful family fun will bubble out of our cauldron this year? Read on, if you dare.

Halloween Family Fun in Tallahassee

halloween skateTime to dress up, lace up, and hit the rink! Halloween Skate rolls into Tallahassee on Friday, October 28th. We have back-to-back fun with skating sessions from 4-7pm and 7-11pm. Kids with early bedtimes will love spooky skating (minus the dark walk to the car) at our afternoon session. And our nighttime Halloween Skate is perfect for tweens and teens. Both Halloween parties are family-friendly, featuring:

  • Photo booth fun to capture scary faces and crazy costumes
  • Costume contest with special prizes
  • Garish games and fun prizes
  • Trick or treating (who doesn’t love candy?)

DIY Kids Costumes

Want to take home the costume contest prize? With a little creativity, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd! Here are a few fun DIY costume ideas to get you started.

  • Bubble bath: All you need are snug, light-colored clothes, safety pins, and a whole lot of balloons. Blow up the balloons, attach them to your outfit by the part you tied off, and get ready to scrub a dub dub! To really take this costume to the next level, grab a rubber ducky, shower cap, and a loofah.
  • Bat, dragon, or Pokémon Zubat: Manipulate wire hangers into the shape of bat wings. Cover the form with inexpensive fabric. Dress your kid in matching colors (or a homemade dragon costume if you’re really ambitious!) and voila! Instant Halloween classic.
  • Jetpack adventurer: Need a Halloween costume, like, now? Here’s what you do: empty 2 big bottles of soda (the bigger, the better). Tape them together and spray paint them silver (if you don’t have silver spray paint on hand, cover them in duct tape). Tape red, yellow, and orange ribbons, craft paper, or tissue paper from the opening and attach upside down like a backpack. Your child is officially ready for the ultimate adventure!

Mark your calendars! The Skate World Halloween party is just a few weeks away. To learn more about holiday fun for Tallahassee families, call Skate World Center.

Roller-Skating Tips: Quads vs. Inlines

It’s the age-old question among roller-skaters: quad or inline? Quad skates have that classic, carefree vibe that makes skating so fun, while inline skates are popular with athletes and skaters who can’t let go of the 90’s (we understand). If you’re not sure which style of skate is right for you, read on. We breakdown the key features of each skate in this quad vs. inline skate guide.

Quad Skates

Quad skates have four wheels arranged in a box under the skater’s feet. The boot is made of leather, giving skater’s increased flexibility. They’re popular with a wide range of skaters, and because of the stability afforded by the box base, are generally a good pick for young kids learning to skate.

  • Box wheels provide sturdy base
  • Side-to-side support for better balance
  • Flexible ankle support helps with mobility
  • Rubber toe stop for braking
  • Designed for indoor skating
  • Slower than inline skates
  • Preferred by roller derby skaters and artistic skaters (jam skaters, etc)

Inline Skates

inline skates - stretchingInline skates have 4-5 wheels arranged in a straight line down the center of the boot. The boot is made of hard plastic. Because of the wheel arrangement, beginner skaters often find it easier to get moving on inline skates, although they may struggle with side-to-side balance.

  • Wheels arranged in a straight line for front-to-back balance
  • Hard plastic boot provides solid ankle support, reducing the chance of injury
  • Brake on back of the skate (*some inline skates do not have a brake)
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor skating
  • Made for speed
  • Preferred by speed skaters and trick skaters

Still not sure which skate is right for you? Give them both a try! At Skate World Center, we have both quad and inline skates available to rent. Try one skate on Friday night and the next during Saturday matinee. Once you’ve decided between inline and quad roller-skates, master your wheels at our beginner and advanced Tallahassee skate lessons.

Share, Skate, Smile

kids-of-all-ages-bannerHaving fun and raising funds aren’t mutually exclusive! School fundraisers often wind up with volunteers donating time, resources, and money with very little payoff. School Share Nights let families create memories while they help out the school they love. Isn’t it time you planned a school fundraiser that will make the yearbook?

School Share Nights at Skate World

Tired of the same old fundraiser? It’s hard to encourage families to support your school when there’s no fellowship involved. Lucky for you, Skate World has the solution: roller-skating! Our school share nights are geared toward raising funds and having fun. It’s about creating an experience your students will love. A roller-skating fundraiser night gives families a fun night out, lets kids play with their classmates in a new setting, and gives teachers and administrators time to interact with parents and students. Skating is a great physical activity, too, teaching kids the value of staying active and having fun.

Fun, family, fitness, and funds? Sounds like a win! After all, the kids are what education is all about.

Skate World Gives Back

We want to make your school fundraiser worthwhile. That’s why we give schools back 100% of the proceeds from the 1st activity (skating or playground) of their first School Share Night! Many schools make upwards of $1000 in just 2 hours at no cost to them. You can continue to earn big rewards when you book follow-up fundraisers. We donate 50% of the total admission proceeds for each subsequent School Share Night you book. Last year we donated $10,840 to schools in Tallahassee. How does roller-skating fundraising work?

  • Book a time on Tuesday or Thursday from 4-8:30pm (we still have slots available for September and November of 2016!)
  • Download our digital flyer and promote your event (don’t forget to mention it during morning announcements!)
  • Tell your students and parents about our Saturday skate lessons (you can pick up FREE vouchers in preparation for the event)
  • Let your teachers and staff know that they skate for free!

Bring fellowship and fun back to school fundraisers. Book your School Share Night today or call Skate World Center to learn more.

Skating Fun for Everyone

At Skate World, we’re passionate about creating fun, engaging experiences for every kid in Tallahassee. We have birthday parties, STEM educational field trips, Tiny Tots for our littlest skaters, and fun monthly events like Home School Skate to guarantee everyone has a great time. But some kids have more needs than others . . . and they deserve to skate just as much as everyone else! Skate World is excited to announce a brand new way to play: Sensory Friendly Skate Nights.

Sensory Friendly Fun in Tallahassee

sensory friendly skatingSome kids have an increased sensitivity to stimulation. This makes it difficult for them to take part in many of the activities their friends, siblings, and parents love. At Skate World, we know how important it is for kids to engage in fun activities like roller-skating. That’s why we’re rolling out Sensory Friendly Skate Nights. Kids with autism, Down syndrome, or other sensitivities to light and noise are invited to strap on their skates and hit the rink, just like everybody else! What can you expect at these minimal-stimulation skate nights?

  • No loud music while you skate
  • No flashing lights
  • No loud sounds from video games and arcade games
  • Quiet areas for kids who need a break
  • Skate Mate rentals to help kids learn to skate (just $2)
  • Access to the playground for kids who don’t want to skate
  • Plenty of space to play for kids of all abilities

We’re planning regular Sensory Friendly Skate Nights this fall. Our next event is on Tuesday, September 20th from 4-8:30pm. To learn more about sensory friendly options for kids in Tallahassee, call Skate World Center.

Get Healthy, Have Fun

Roller skating is one of the best fitness activities you can do! It helps reduce body fat, it burns calories, and it builds leg strength. The American Heart Association even recommends this aerobic sport to benefit the heart!

Make it Fun

working outYou know regular exercise is important to keep your body healthy, but finding an exercise you love is key. Making fitness fun means you’ll stick with it. And what could be more fun than roller skating?

At Skate World in Tallahassee, you can skate to great music in a safe environment. It’s the perfect place to come have fun while getting in shape!

Benefits of Roller Skating

  • Roller skating is not a high impact exercise, which means it’s easy on the joints. The fluid motion makes it a joint-friendly exercise, so it’s perfect for every member of the family, even those who have joint problems.
  • When you roller skate, you burn a lot of calories!  You can burn as much as 9 or 10 calories per minute, depending upon your weight (and how intense your skating session is!).
  • Roller skating is actually a cross training exercise, which means you work your total body as well as burn calories.  It strengthens the legs, arms and core.
  • Skating can put you in a good mood, too.  The fun music, spectacular lighting and social aspects all come together to make you happy!
  • Roller skating will also improve your balance and coordination.  As you skate, you have to engage your core. This keeps you upright, improving your balance. Your coordination improves because you have to work your arms and legs together to keep yourself upright.

Head to Skate World today and get fit!

Roll into Fun

Are you looking for a fun and exciting activity for your child to enjoy? If so, roller skating is the ideal solution. Skating is a lot of fun and it’s great exercise too. Best of all, your child can learn to skate right now with affordable roller skate lessons at the Skate World Center in Tallahassee, FL.

Beginner Roller Skate Lessons

learning to skateIf your child doesn’t know how to skate at all, or he/she is just starting to skate, the beginner roller skate lessons are a great place to begin. Kids can learn to skate on the carpeted area and advance to the actual skating floor when they are ready. Kids can remain in the beginner class until they feel comfortable skating forward by themselves. Classes are held Saturday morning and kids can stay afterwards and skate for free until 1:30pm.

Advanced Roller Skate Lessons

The next phase is the advanced roller skate lessons at Skate World. Your kids can choose the artistic Advanced Skating Class, where they will learn how to skate backwards, jump, twirl, and spin, or the Speed Skating Class, where they will focus on improving their skating speed. Artistic Skating classes are held on Saturday mornings, while the Speed Skating classes are on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings.

Roller skate lessons in Tallahassee, FL at the Skate World Center let your kids to have fun socializing with their peers while learning new skills at the same time. Contact the Skate World Center today to register your child for roller skate lessons.

Celebrate the Start of School

Skate World Center in Tallahassee, FL is the perfect venue for your back-to-school party or classroom field trip! Treat your child to a day at Skate World with friends as a break from the rigid school routine. Then make sure you let your child’s teachers know about the exciting educational field trips Skate World Center offers throughout the year!

STEM Skating Field Trips

Our classroom field trips aren’t merely about fun — they’re educational. Sometimes, the best way to break up a monotonous back-to-school classroom routine is ‘in the field’. That’s why your child and his or her classmates will love strapping on roller skates at Skate World for hands-on learning about STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering, and math.

apple on books - field tripsAccording to the U.S. Department of Education, “In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, where success is driven not only by what you know, but by what you can do with what you know, it’s more important than ever for our youth to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information.” That’s why studying and successfully understanding STEM concepts may be more important than ever!

Skate World’s classroom field trips are taught by professional educators that work with your child’s teachers to customize lessons about:

  • The Science of Roller Skating
  • Motion & Rink Design
  • Music, Math & Roller Skating
  • Super Sound! Acoustics & Rink Design
  • Engineering Magic & Lighting

Lessons are tailored for kindergarten students all the way up to high school grades. Grants may be available to fund your field trip. (Bonus: students will never realize how much they’re learning while they skate!)

Here’s an important math lesson for you to remember: Your child + Skate World Center = educational fun. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page for details about themed skate parties, Sensory Friendly Skate days, and fundraisers.

Get Social with Skate World!

How do you know exactly what’s going on at Skate World Center in Tallahassee, FL? Get social with us! With one easy finger swipe or click, you can “follow” us on Facebook. Then, peek at our news 24/7, “like” our posts, and post your own comments.

Why We Love Social Media

facebook likesLife can be rough and things are hectic. As a busy parent, you can hop online anytime and scroll through our Facebook page to see what’s coming up (even at midnight in your pajamas)! Stay tuned to discover items like these on our timeline:

  • Opportunities to win free skate passes, enter giveaways, or participate in contests
  • Event posters with detailed admission prices, times, and theme info
  • Reminders about upcoming events
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  • Helpful pages to visit on our website and blog
  • Info about special discounts
  • Roller skating tips to freshen up your style and keep you safe

We’ll also make you aware of our less-crowded skating sessions, like our Sensory Friendly Skate Night. If your child feels more comfortable skating among a smaller crowd, you’ll understand why this is a big deal. We’ll post the weekly dates and times on our timeline.

Sure, Facebook is a real-time communication tool and all that jazz, but it’s truly a window into our soul here at Skate World Center in Tallahassee. We’ll keep you ‘in the know’ with our innermost thoughts, event details and, sometimes, even a little inspiration and comedic genius for the day. (Everyone needs some of that!)

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions or concerns about our facility, events, etc., send us a message! Don’t forget to write a Facebook review. We’re also on Twitter and GooglePlus. Tell us how we could improve, and how Skate World Center totally rocked your child’s day. (And hey, maybe Skate World rocked your day, too!)