Beat the Heat with Summer Skating

Woman in cute retro outfit wearing roller skates sitting on grass in front of palm treesSummer heat in Florida is no joke! If you’re looking for ways to stay active and have fun without braving the (sometimes not-so-great) outdoors, we’re here to help. Just say “Thank you, next” to mosquitoes, sunburns, and humidity so thick you can practically swim through it. Head to Skate World for some fun—out of the sun!

Summer at the Skating Rink

People come from all over Tallahassee and the surrounding area to enjoy our skating rink, and we think you’ll love it too, whether you’ve been skating for years or are a total newbie. Our summer hours are in effect until August 10th, 2021, and regular fall hours resume on August 11th, 2021. 

During the summer, you can join us from noon to 4 pm every day except Sunday, so you can escape the hottest part of the day in our air conditioned indoor skating rink. We even have an indoor playground, so kids under 10 years old can burn off some energy. When you need a break from busting moves on the rink, head over to our arcade to play your favorite games, or hit the cafe for an energizing snack.   

Keep an eye on our schedule for other skating opportunities throughout the week, like Family Sk8 Mania and speed skating practice, and Adults Only Skate Night. We’re also booking private parties, available every day of the week except for Sunday. If you’re planning a celebration, give us a call at 850-386-4807 or contact us online to make a reservation. 

Why Skating is the Hot New Hobby

Roller skating has always been a popular activity, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has blown up even more. TikTok videos and Instagram stories of stylish skaters grooving to music have inspired people who haven’t skated in years (or ever) to lace up some skates and get rolling. 

The roller skating boom is especially cool because skating isn’t just fun and “aesthetic.” It’s also a really good workout! Roller skating regularly gives you a cardiovascular workout while strengthening and toning your core abdominal muscles and leg muscles. Over time, you may start to notice improvements to your stamina, balance, and agility! Because skating is a low-impact sport, it’s a great cross-training activity to give your joints a break from running, CrossFit, basketball, etc. 

Of course, the cool factor can’t be totally explained by roller skating’s many health and fitness benefits. It’s also just straight-up fun and cool! There are tons of ways to express yourself through roller skating, from the moves you show off on the rink, to the roller skates you wear on your feet. Investing in your own pair of skates lets you show off your personal style, and you can even customize them with light up wheels, colorful laces, and other skating accessories. Visit us at our pro shop and we can help you choose the perfect skates from our selection of trendy and classic skates.

Don’t Miss Our Summer Skating Specials!

Stylish woman dancing on roller skatesSummer 2021 is finally here! After the chaos of the pandemic, most people felt like summer passed them by completely. This year, it’s all about making up for lost time and having the funnest summer ever. At Skate World Center, we’re doing our part! Check out our new roller skating special, along with some other ideas for summer fun in Tallahassee. 

Skate World Summer Fun

Bring the whole family for a fun outing to the skating rink! We’re making it easy with this value-packed deal.

Monday Sk8 Mania Special

This package costs $33 (regular price is $44) and includes:

  • 4 skate admissions
  • 4 skate rentals
  • 4 game cards ($3 per card)

Our Sk8 Mania special is only available Mondays from 4-8 pm. 

Beat the Heat Special

Monday isn’t your only chance for skating specials here at Skate World Center! Join us from Monday to Saturday all summer long from noon to 4 pm and get $10 admission and $4 skate rental. Your admission is good for one activity—roller skating or the playground. (Please note that our indoor playground is for kids 10 years old and younger only! Above the ankle socks are required for both skating and the playground.) 

Adult Nights

Don’t worry, grownups, the kids don’t get to have all the fun. Join us on Thursday nights from 6-9 pm for Adults Only Skate Jam! Admission is only $10 and includes skate rental. Don’t forget to bring your face mask and long socks! (Other discounts and passes cannot be applied to this event.)

Other Summer Activities in Tallahassee

Outdoor Skating

If you just can’t get enough skating and want to add outdoor roller skating to your fitness routine, come on in to buy a new pair of skates! We can help you get set up with stylish skates and the correct wheels to use outdoors. Take a sneak peek at some of our newest roller skates, and visit our pro shop next time you’re here. 

There are tons of awesome places to roller skate outdoors in Tallahassee. These are just a few of our favorites!


See a Movie

Movie theaters are a welcome reprieve from the summer heat here in Florida; head to your favorite local movie theater to enjoy the air conditioning, some buttery popcorn, and oh yeah, a movie! But you don’t have to go inside to enjoy a summer cinema experience. Be sure to check out Tally Outdoor Movies to catch an outdoor screening under the stars.

Explore State Parks

We’re lucky to be close to some really fantastic state parks here in Tallahassee. How many have you been to? Summer is a great time to start checking them off your list! One of the coolest is Florida Caverns State Park, where you can take a tour of the limestone caves.

School’s Out for Summer… And Fun Is In Session!

Woman in trendy roller skates in front of street art muralLeon County students are so close to the end of the school year, and you can already feel the excitement in the air around Tallahassee! Summer break starts on Friday, June 11th, 2021, so start planning your summer celebrations now. We’re here to make your summer awesome in every way… The only missing ingredient is YOU. 

Tallahassee Summer 2021

Lock In Your Summer Style

After more than a year of being mostly cooped up at home, this summer is going to be one to remember. If you’re ready to trade in Zoom hangouts for IRL events, prepare to see and be seen! Get your summer style game on lock with a new pair of stylish roller skates. 

At Skate World Center, we have a selection of trendy skates and skate accessories to fit your *a e s t h e t i c*. If bright color is your thing, check out Evoke Roller Skates in turquoise suede with matching wheels. Do you think everything is better with glitter? If so, you’ll love the purple and gold glitter finish on these Glam Skates. Don’t forget to add some wild socks and LED light up skate wheels to get your look TikTok- or Insta-ready. 

Don’t Miss Out on the Fun

The skating rink is the perfect place to meet up with friends for summer fun, especially on those blazing hot days when being outside feels like being baked alive in an oven! Escape the heat, humidity, and mosquitoes at Skate World, where you can relax and skate to great music with your BFFs, or even make some new friends. Need a break to rest and recharge? Head to the arcade or snack bar! We even have an indoor playground for kids, so younger siblings can have fun too. To make sure you don’t miss any of our awesome events, follow us on Facebook, or check our upcoming events page. 

Plan a Party

While our birthday parties are extremely popular, don’t forget that we host all kinds of Tallahassee group events. We offer special group rates for groups of 10 or more people; just call us at 850-385-RINK to learn more. 

Our group events are perfect for clubs, teams or even end of the year class parties, as well as youth groups and VBS outings, summer camp and daycare field trips, and fundraisers. We even offer private events if you’d like to rent out the entire rink for an exclusive function. 

Ready to make this the best summer yet? We can’t wait to see you! Get your crew together and get ready for an epic summer break like no other. 

A Plethora of Parties: 5 Skating Celebrations That Aren’t Birthday Parties

Happy young woman in graduation cap throwing blue and gold confetti

Skating birthday parties are fun, but why do they get all the attention? There are plenty of other special occasions to celebrate at the skating rink. Check out these 5 roller skating party ideas, and book your event today at Skate World Center!

5 Non-Birthday Reasons to Party at the Skating Rink

Graduation Parties

With the end of the academic year right around the corner, it’s time to book graduation parties. Celebrate your child’s (or your own!) scholastic milestone with a party that all of your friends and family can enjoy. Whether you’re celebrating a graduating high school senior, undergrad, graduate, or another milestone like passing the bar or doing well on the MCAT or LSAT, a skating party provides an opportunity to reward the honoree for all of their hard work. 

End of Year Class Parties

It has been a wild year for students and teachers thanks to the pandemic, and having to do school remotely has been hard for everyone. Kids may be missing their classmates and feeling isolated, so why not plan an end of the year class party to cheer them up? Now that more people are getting vaccinated, a class party could be the perfect way to break the ice and help kids reconnect with their peers. 

Team Parties

Sports team parties are usually pretty simple—pizzas, sodas, a speech from the coach or parents, and maybe some trophies. That’s all well and good, but why limit it to a restaurant where the kids will be bored with nothing to do? Instead, host a team pizza party at the skating rink! You can still have all the staples of a classic team party, but instead of making a mess on the tables or running around tripping waiters after they’re done with their pizza, the kids can go work off some energy on the skating rink.
Skating is not only a really good source of aerobic exercise, but it’s also fun and social, making it a perfect team bonding activity. The stronger those friendships are off the field/court/track/etc., the better the team will perform when the pressure’s on!   

Pre-Wedding Parties

A wedding is not just a party. Oh, no. It’s the culmination of an entire series of parties, from the engagement party to the wedding showers to the bachelor and bachelorette parties. If playing typical wedding shower games sounds painfully boring, or you want to plan a pre-wedding event that guests will actually enjoy, a roller skating party is the way to go.
Our spacious skating rink is perfect for private or public events when you want to entertain a crowd. Skating provides a great atmosphere for mingling, letting loose, and having fun together, all of which are important when bringing families together… Not to mention throwing your wedding party members into the mix! Don’t stress about your college roommate, your sister, your BFF, and your soon-to-be in-laws getting along; after a night of food, music, and roller skating, the ice will be broken! Everyone will be more comfortable with each other when your big day rolls around, and that will make it a lot less stressful for you and your partner.

Company Parties

Last, but not least, don’t forget about company parties! It can be challenging to plan a corporate event that doesn’t feel like work, but if there’s anything that could make a company party enjoyable, it’s roller skating!

Learn How Kids Skate FREE at Skate World Center!

Kids Skate Free badge on lanyardIt’s no secret that having kids is expensive. Food, clothing, childcare, education, and all of the other expenses can really add up. And that’s not to mention the cost of keeping them entertained! Fortunately, there are actually plenty of fun, FREE things to do with kids in Tallahassee. We might be biased (OK, fine…We’re definitely biased), but we think roller skating is one of the best activities to do with your kids. And with just a couple of simple steps, your kids can skate free! Keep reading to learn how to sign up for the Kids Skate Free program, and join us at one of our public skating sessions to let the good times roll. 

Kids Skate Free

Kids Skate Free (KSF) is a program designed to help families get out of the house and enjoy healthy physical activity while saving money. By registering for the program, you will get 2 free passes per child, per week. Each pass is only good for one week, after which it expires. Expired passes are replaced with new valid passes each Monday. That means your kids can each skate twice a week for FREE! Talk about a deal!
The program is only for children aged 10 and younger. KSF passes cannot be combined with other offers or used towards group events, birthday parties, etc.

How To Sign Up

Visit and search for your city, or go directly to our Kids Skate Free signup page. Simply fill out the quick and easy online form and submit it. Once you’ve signed up, download and install the MyHownd app. Your Kids Skate Free passes will be available to use starting on Monday morning! 

How To Use Your Passes

To use your passes, just look in the My Promos section or your MyHownd Wallet. Show us the promo at the front desk when you check-in. Once the activated promo is marked as redeemed, you’ll see it in the Redeemed Promos section. You’re all set! Your kids can enjoy roller skating for hours and you can feel great knowing that not only are they having fun, but they’re also getting some fantastic exercise. 

When To Use Your Passes

We have 3 Kids Skate Free days per week: 

  • Mondays noon-4 pm
  • Fridays noon-4 pm and 7 pm-10 pm
  • Saturdays noon-4 pm and 7-10 pm

We can’t wait for your family to experience the fun and fitness of roller skating, so don’t wait! If you have kids under 10 years old, sign them up for Kids Skate Free and join us on the rink.
And remember, that while only kids get to skate for free, skating is great for adults, too. Rent some skates, lace up, and recapture the feeling of freedom that only roller skating can provide. You’ll feel like a kid again, and maybe you can even show your kids some moves. 

Doing Our Part(y): How We’re Keeping Skate World a Safe Place to Skate and Celebrate During COVID

There’s a popular saying going around; “The pandemic’s not over just because you’re over it.” If you’re feeling really, really “over it,” just know that you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are still ways to have fun while also taking COVID safety seriously… And that’s exactly what we’re focused on at Skate World!

Whether you’re looking for a birthday party venue or just something fun to do on an afternoon, we’ve got you covered. The skating rink is open and we are doing our part to be good neighbors by providing Tallahasseeans with a place for family fun in a safe environment. Keep reading to learn about our COVID safety precautions, and plan your party or visit today!

COVID Safety at Skate World

We abide by all state and local health and safety regulations, but we also hold ourselves to a higher standard. The safety of our guests and staff is our highest priority, which is why we have chosen to institute the following COVID safety procedures and policies.

Limited Capacity

We are currently choosing to limit our capacity by 50%. While local government regulations do not require this, we want to make sure that visitors and staff can safely maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet as much as possible. We have also reduced the number of tables to create 6 feet between each table.
Additionally, we have split our Saturday open skating hours into 2 sessions. The time between skate sessions allows us to thoroughly clean and sanitize our facility before the next session. To further reduce the risk of exposure, we have drastically reduced our Saturday birthday party availability to only 3 slots. This allows each party group to be the only party during their time slot.

Heightened Health and Safety Procedures

According to the Leon County Mask Ordinance, everyone must wear a face covering at all times while in a business establishment. Our staff is required to wear masks and gloves at all times while on duty, and we require visitors to wear a mask in order to enter the facility. In addition to the local mask mandate, we have also incorporated several safety precautions into our operations, including:

  • Daily temperature checks for staff
  • Floor decals to direct traffic and assist in social distancing
  • Additional sanitizing and cleaning throughout the day
  • Hand sanitizer stations

Private Event Opportunities

While we are taking every precaution to reduce the risk of COVID during our public parties and skating sessions, we know that some customers feel more comfortable with private events. That’s why we’re offering private rink rentals starting as low as $179. If you’ve ever wanted to host a private roller skating party, this is your golden opportunity!

Thank you to all of our loyal skaters for your support during the pandemic. We appreciate you and are so glad to be able to offer a fun, social, and physically active way to de-stress in Tallahassee. Make your plan to visit today, and call us at 850-385-RINK (7465) with any questions!

Get the Best Deal on Private Events in Tallahassee at Skate World

Happy woman skating through line of party guestsWith coronavirus still weighing on everyone’s minds, party planning remains a challenge. Fortunately, if you’re trying to plan a party in Tallahassee, we’ve got an amazing deal for you! Instead of worrying about a public party with other people around, why not take advantage of our Rent the Rink special and host a private party—while also saving 20% off the regular private event fee! 

Rent the Rink With Our Private Event Special

What’s the Deal?

Want to host a party without exposing you and your guests to unnecessary outside people? We have you covered. Due to these unprecedented times, we are offering a very special deal to our customers, allowing you to enjoy our skating rink, indoor playground, and arcade all to yourselves. You choose the guest list, bring your crew, and enjoy a fun-filled hour and a half  of private event time at Skate World. It’s the ultimate party flex, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, bachelorette weekend, college event, graduation, or any other special occasion!

Rent the Rink Special Details

  • Save 20% off on Rent The Rink when you book a weekday event. 
  • Invite up to 15 people.
  • Enjoy 90 minutes of private event time.
  • Guests may choose between roller skating with free skate rental OR indoor playground.
  • We provide a live DJ playing your favorite music.
  • Face masks are legally required for everyone by county mandate. Skaters should wear long socks.
  • The playground is for kids 10 and under only. 
  • You MUST call ahead to make your reservation. Please call 850-385-7465 to reserve over the phone.
  • Limit 1 per person, not to be combined with any other offer.
  • Our team works hard to give our guests an incredible experience! Please remember to tip on the full amount of your party prior to the discount. 
  • Standard appointment and cancellation policies apply. 

Private Event Rentals for Everyone

Wondering if a private roller skating event is right for you? In short: You bet it is! Our private skating parties are the perfect solution for any type of celebration in Tallahassee, including: 

  • Birthday parties for kids, teens, and adults
  • Home school group meetups
  • School rewards for Honor Roll, etc.
  • Tiny Tot meetups, Mommy and Me events, or any group of parents with young kids
  • Small college groups, clubs, fraternities, and sororities
  • Church youth groups, small groups, Bible study groups
  • Couples for date night
  • An epic family fun night with your spouse and kids
  • Team parties
  • Much more!

Whether your group includes beginner skaters, pro skaters, or anyone in between, you’re sure to have a blast during your private event. And most importantly, we do our utmost to keep our guests SAFE! As Tallahassee’s premier skating complex, we take your health seriously, which is why our entire facility undergoes regular antimicrobial disinfecting with LAST™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant and Antimicrobial Coating. This treatment uses EPA registered, hospital-grade disinfectants applied by electric misters to coat the entire facility, reducing risk of cross-contamination and creating an antimicrobial coating. In addition, we have escalated our cleaning and sanitation processes, from assigning a dedicated staff member to clean and sanitize high-traffic areas and surfaces, to requiring temperature checks, properly-worn masks, and gloves for all staff while on duty.

The Ultimate Roller Skating Gift Guide

Hands holding wrapped birthday gift2020 has been a hard year in many ways, but if there’s any silver lining to this storm cloud of a year, it’s the roller-skating renaissance that has flourished on TikTok! Whether you’re gift-shopping for a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new skater, a seasoned rink rat, or a dedicated derby girl, these roller skating gifts are sure to please. 

Roller Skating Gift Ideas

New Gear

There are so many options when it comes to roller skates these days, so you can find a pair of skates that is perfect for any skill level, interest, age, or style. A new pair of skates is an awesome gift, but don’t forget about all of the accessories and gear a skater might need as well. Maybe your gift recipient already has their dream skates, but you can still buy them a nice skate bag, a bearings cleaning kit, light-up wheels, and many other skating accessories!

Fun Skating Experiences

Some of the best gifts aren’t even physical items at all. Why not give the gift of fun memories at Skate World? Here at our Tallahassee skating rink, we have lots of options to choose from.

Treat your giftee to a visit during one of our public skating sessions and enjoy great music and atmosphere. We also have an arcade, indoor playground, and snack bar, so you can bring the whole family and make a day of it!

Beginner Skate Lessons are great for folks who are new to the sport. We also offer Speed Skating training for those who already know how to skate but want to take their skills to the next level. 

If you’re really looking for a show-stopping gift, book a party! We offer birthday parties, team parties, and even private events. We’d love to help you plan a special event for someone, so give us a call at 850-386-4807 and let’s chat!

Skater Swag

If you’re looking for a unique roller skating gift for a skater who already has everything they need, why not gift them some cool roller skating swag that they didn’t know they wanted? There are tons of artists making cool roller skating merch, from art prints and clothing to home goods and tech accessories. 

Check out sites like Society6 for artist-designed roller skating goods like travel mugs, face masks, stickers, bags, towels, and so much more. Head over to Etsy for even more fun skating gifts, like custom shirts, hats, and jewelry; vintage skates; and roller skating accessories made by skaters, for skaters. Who wouldn’t love a set of cheetah-print boot covers or iridescent wings that lace onto skates?

Whatever you decide to gift to your favorite skater, we hope it lands you on the “nice” list!

Fun Workouts for After Your Thanksgiving Feast

Dog looking up at owner from autumn leaves

Juicy roast turkey. Savory stuffing. Creamy mashed potatoes and gravy. Rich green bean casserole and yams. Sweet cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Admit it, your mouth is watering! All of those Thanksgiving dishes—or whatever special occasion foods are traditional in your family— truly are delicious, so it’s no wonder most of us tend to indulge in a feast that will have us wishing we wore stretchy pants by the end of the day. After a big meal, getting some activity in can make you feel much better. Keep reading for some after-Thanksgiving workout ideas to rouse you from your food coma. Bonus: You can get the whole family involved!

Post-Thanksgiving Workouts

Laying around after a big meal will only make you feel worse, so be sure to at least take a quick walk or kick a ball around with your kids. Even light physical activity can help with digestion. Doing any of these things after your meal or the next day will help you feel good and balance out those holiday calories. 

Take a nature walk. 

Whether you head to a local hiking trail, visit the neighborhood park, or just walk around the block, a leisurely nature walk is the perfect after Thanksgiving workout for kids and adults alike. Look around at the trees and plants you see along your walk, look and listen for wildlife, and see if you can find any cool natural items like stones, pinecones, snail shells, etc. If any of your family members know a lot about nature, you could even ask them to be your “tour guide” and identify plants and animals along the way.

Go roller skating. 

As we’ve mentioned a time or two before, roller skating is a great whole body workout that people of almost any age can enjoy. From little kids to grandparents, skating offers a fun, low-impact exercise that can work up a sweat and raise your heartrate for cardio conditioning. It also helps you build muscles, especially in your legs and core, and can even help you improve your balance and agility! 

Our public skate hours are an easy, affordable, and impromptu way to have some holiday fun with your family and friends. But right now, you can actually book a private skating event for your group at a discount, allowing you to have the whole skating rink to yourselves. For $149, you get 90 minutes of skating for up to 15 people—less than 10 bucks per person! Talk about a deal to be thankful for. 

Play ball. 

Remember the days before video games and smart phones? No? Well, we had these things called “games” and we’d go outside to play them in the yard. OK, we’re kidding (kind of…), but if you’re trying to get active with your family, just go outside and kick a soccer ball around! If your family is into another sport, play catch with a baseball or football, throw a frisbee, shoot some hoops, or have a relay race. 

No matter how you hang out with your family, in person or virtually, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Spooky Skaters

Woman in bright 1980s costumeUnfortunately, we’ve all been stuck at home for most of 2020 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but there has been one silver lining: The rise of roller skating Tik Tok. If you love to skate, or you’re just looking for a 🔥🔥🔥 Halloween costume idea that’s sure to turn heads, check out these roller skating Halloween costume ideas. Need some new wheels to take your look to the next level? We sell stylish skates for all ages and interests, including fun colors like purple glitter.     

Halloween Costumes for Skaters

One of the best things about roller skating Halloween costumes is that you can usually cobble them together with clothes you already own, items found at your local thrift shop, and/or a few select accessories from the local costume shop or Halloween store.  

Roller Boogie Babe 

When it comes to roller skating costumes, you can’t get much better than roller disco for inspiration! Channel 70s style however it fits your personality best. Are you feeling glam? Edgy? Down-to-earth? One of these is sure to fit your style.

  • Knee socks, shorts (think track shorts, jorts, or gold lamé), and suspenders. Bonus points if your socks and suspenders are rainbow print! 
  • Jumpsuits or rompers in shimmery or metallic fabrics.
  • Shiny polyester shirts; the louder, the better.
  • Bellbottoms with retro t-shirts.
  • Classic punk or glam rock.

Retro Car Hop

If you’re feeling more of a cutesy vibe, or you just really like Back to the Future, opt for a 1950s car hop look. Try a retro dress (look for “wiggle” or “skater” styles) with an apron, paper hat, and a tray of fake burgers and fries, or swap out the dress for retro slacks, a short-sleeve button-down shirt with a bowtie, and a sweater vest. If you’re into the decade but not the squeaky-clean style, channel your inner James Dean with jeans, a black jacket, and a plain white tee, or take your inspiration from the Pink Ladies and T-Birds of Grease.

EXTREME 90s Roller Blader

If you’re an “Elder Millenial” or just wish you were alive for the premier of Clueless, a 90s costume is the way to go. Make like a Surge ad and throw on some jeans, an oversized t-shirt, a flannel shirt, and a backward baseball hat for a grunge-meets-X-games look, or take your cues from a Delia’s catalog with a babydoll tee, Windsor sunglasses, a tattoo choker, and space buns. Don’t forget the body glitter and brown lipstick!

However you decide to dress up for Halloween, we hope you have a blast. Show off your costume at one of our Tallahassee skating events or book our skating rink for your own private party!