Slow Your Roll!

Slow your roll! If you’re just starting to roller skate, you may be struggling on how to make roller skates slower. Speed isn’t everything. It is important to slow down and be careful while you’re getting the hang of skating. Believe it or not, there are ways you can slow your roll.

Practice on carpet or grass

Sometimes you just have to get off smooth surfaces to go slower. No matter what kind of roller skate you’re wearing, your skates won’t be able to go fast on carpet or grass. As you practice, remember to keep your knees slightly bent like you would on the rink!

Walk like a duck

This one seems a little weird, so bare with us. The duck walk is a great way to practice walking on roller skates. If you keep your strides short, you shouldn’t roll. This is good to get to where you’re going safely and laugh at yourself a little bit!

Learn how to use your toe stopper

Biggest tip, use your toe stoppers! That’s what they’re on your skates for in the first place. On quad skates, you’ll have a toe stopper on each skate. With rollerblades and inline skates, you’ll find them on the back of the skates, but it may only be on one. To safely use your toe stopper, apply pressure on the inside edge of your toe and drag your toe stop across the ground until you slow down or come to a stop.

We hope these tips help you slow your roll! We know you’ll be skating along slowly and safely. Need more help learning how to skate? Check out our lessons at Skate World Center! We have lessons every Saturday for beginner’s and would love for you to come check them out.

Plan The Perfect Spring Break Staycation in Tallahassee

Spring break is here! If you’re not planning on traveling for spring break and are staying home instead due to the cost of traveling, gas prices, or any other reason, there are still many other ways you can make this spring break one your kids will always remember! You don’t need to travel far, you can certainly have a memorable spring break staycation right here in Tallahassee.

We pulled together a list of some of our favorite spring break staycation ideas in the area to help you plan yours! Here are 5 fun things we suggest doing during spring break in Tallahassee:

Museum of Florida History

Step back in time when you add the Museum of Florida History to your spring break plans. The museum is filled with cool artifacts and exhibits showcasing Florida’s past.

Tallahassee Museum

When you want to learn more about the history and natural wonders of Tallahassee, the Tallahassee Museum can’t be beat. There are many trails and ziplining courses for you and your family to explore, wildlife exhibits including wolves, black bears, birds, and rich Florida history right at your fingertips. If staycation cabin fever sets in, grab your tennis shoes and head to the Tallahassee Museum for a day filled with thrills.

Cascades Park

Cascades Park is a perfect place to relax and rest in Tallahassee! Lounge in the sun while your kiddos play in the walk-in fountain or on the state-of-the-art playground.

Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee

If your kids love to learn more about science, engineering, and space, the Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee should be on the top of your list. From hands-on learning labs to fun-filled demos, there’s something for every aspiring astronaut or engineer! It’s the perfect place to take science and space loving kids.

Skate World Center

We’re Tallahassee’s premier skating rink and family fun entertainment center! Be sure to bring your family by Skate World Center for roller skating, games, and our play area.

We hope these ideas help you start creating the perfect spring break staycation itinerary!

Find Fun For The Whole Family At Skate World Center in Tallahassee

We know parents are always looking for something fun to do with their families! Especially activities that will help their child learn and grow! Did you know roller skating is a great activity for a child’s development? We love seeing Tallahassee families at Skate World Center for some family fun! Not only is a trip to the rink great family bonding time, but it can help your child’s development in the process.

Here are some ways roller skating can help your child (and your whole family) develop:

Increases Brain Power

Skating is great exercise! Exercise helps improve cognitive function. Therefore, it can help your kids do better in school, and maybe even you at work! This improvement is happening while you think you’re just having some family fun roller skating – how cool is that?

Improves Social Skills

When you’re at the skating rink, your children are likely to meet some new people around their age. This helps them get out of their comfort zone and bond over something fun – skating! This family time you spend with them regularly will help improve their social skills and allow them to make friends more easily. You might even make some new parent friends too!

Releases Stress And Frustration

Exercise is truly the most effective way for children to release stress and frustration. We sometimes forget how much they have to manage and deal with, even though they’re just kids! They deserve a bit of time to just truly be kids! Also, we know that you probably need to blow off some stress and frustration, so come spend some family time at Skate World Center.

Enhances Confidence

Roller skating doesn’t take long to learn, and there aren’t many sports that someone can learn in just a few hours! When they start to get the hang of it, their confidence will be soaring around the rink with them. As a parent, what a joy it would be to see your child happy and confident in their abilities!

Whether you’re 5 or 45, skating can take some patience! It’s a great activity to try with your family, get some laughs in, and just have fun. If you’re looking for some awesome family fun in Tallahassee, stop in and see us at Skate World Center!

Things to Do in Tallahassee

Spend a Day in Tallahassee

Only have a day in Tallahassee? Make the most of your time in our beautiful city! There are so many things to do in Tallahassee, it can be overwhelming to try to fit everything into one day. That’s why we handpicked only the best things to do in Tallahassee to make sure you spend your time wisely

9am: Breakfast at Canopy Road Café

2202 Capital Cir NE, Tallahassee, FL 32308

Canopy Road Café is one of the best places to grab breakfast in Tallahassee! Not only do kids love their mouse shaped pancakes, parents love their healthier options like eggs benedict and a fruit cup. Make sure to fuel up here on coffee, we have a busy day ahead!

11am: Enjoy the outdoors at Tallahassee Museum

3945 Museum Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32310

Put on your walking shoes and bug spray! This is no ordinary museum. The Tallahassee Museum is a massive outdoor museum located on 52 acres of land. Not only are there wildlife and nature trails to see, there are also guest animal exhibits, historic buildings, and zipline and aerial adventures! With so many things to do at the Tallahassee Museum, you could easily spend hours here choosing your own adventure. Our favorite aerial adventure is Canopy Crossing, which includes 14 obstacle courses, 25 platforms and 7 zipline rides. Make sure to get here early to secure your spot in line!

4pm: Late Lunch at Proof Brewing Company

Grab a late lunch and cool off with a cold one at Proof Brewing Company. Known for being a family friendly environment, the whole family can relax and enjoy some of their great food menu items. Parents can choose from a wide variety of craft beers, and kids can play cornhole or foosball. There’s no shortage of seating options either, with both indoor and outdoor options available. Proof Brewing Company is high on our list of things to do in Tallahassee!

5pm: Hang out at Skate World

Whether you are a seasoned skater or new on the rink, all skaters are welcome at Skate World! If you have a shy skater, don’t worry – we also have an arcade and play area as well. Make sure to check our hours before coming! Our rink is a great place for kids to enjoy time exercising, giving parents a break to enjoy watching them or allowing them to join in on the fun as well.

9pm: Ice Cream for Dinner at Sugar Rush Milkshake Bar

Open until 12am

414 All Saints St #114, Tallahassee, FL 32301

Ice cream for dinner? Yes, please! You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy these mega-milkshakes at Sugar Rush Milkshake Bar. With pretty much every flavor imaginable, everyone is sure to satisfy their sweet tooth here. Sugar Rush Milkshake Bar is definitely the best place to end your best day in Tallahassee!

3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Christmas Cash At Skate World

Have some Christmas money that’s burning a hole through your pocket? Or maybe one of your children does! When you’re looking for a great way to spend your time with your family in Tallahassee, there’s no better place than a skating rink. We have some ideas of how you can make the most your time and money here at Skate World with your family. 

There are so many reasons to join in the fun here at Skate World Center, read more to learn about our current deals! Here are 3 ways you can make the most of your Christmas cash at Skate World and spend time with your family:

Join us for Monday Family Sk8 Mania!

Monday Family Sk8 Mania is every Monday from 4-8pm. On Mondays, it’s only $4 for the first activity, $4 for the second activity, and $4 skate rentals if you need them! It’s a great deal and allows for some quality family time after a long day at work and school.

Come take a skate lesson!

Did you know Skate World offers skate lessons? We offer beginner’s skate lessons every Saturday from 9:45-10:45am. There are two groups in our skating lessons, the carpet group and the beginner skating floor group. This allows children to start where they are comfortable while they learn.

Buy a new pair of skates!

 If you’re frequently at the skating rink with your family, it’s about time you had your own pair of skates. We have new skates in stock and ready to go! We sell high quality roller skate products from all the top brands in the industry. Stop by and shop at our store today!

We hope to see you soon at Skate World Center to let the good times and family bonding roll!

Skate and Save with These Don’t-Miss Deals!

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what’s jollier than skating? When you’re looking for wholesome family fun in Tallahassee, there’s no better place than the skating rink. Roller skating isn’t just fun; it’s also a great way to socialize, exercise, and burn off some of that holiday stress! There are so many reasons to join in the fun at Skate World Center, so keep reading to learn more about our current and upcoming deals.

Tallahassee Roller Skating Deals

FREE Game Card Giveaway

For a limited time, enjoy our Saturday and Sunday giveaway! Come in before noon and get a FREE game card to use in the arcade. Our arcade is the perfect place to have a friendly competition with friends or family, take a breather when you need a break from skating, or just enjoy playing your favorite classic and new arcade games. What’s your favorite game in our arcade?

FREE Party Upgrades

There’s a reason people say TGIF – Thank goodness it’s Friday! Celebrate the end of the week with our hottest party deal: Book your Friday night roller skating party now and we’ll upgrade you from a Fun party package to a Super Fun party package FOR FREE. That’s a $50 savings!

Deals on Wheels

There’s no better time to buy your own roller skates. We’ve got some awesome deals available to help you make the jump from renting to owning, or to upgrade your skates if your current pair has seen better days. We carry Crazy Skates and Zoom Speed Skates in a wide variety of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect pair for yourself or for a gift. And don’t forget the stocking stuffers… Skate bags, skate wheels, and crazy socks are the perfect finishing touch for a roller skating gift.

These deals are only here for a limited time, so don’t wait to snag your brand new roller skates!

  • Purchase a pair of adult skates from our website and get 25% off.
  • Purchase youth roller skates from our website and get a FREE admission pass plus FREE groovy socks!

Monday Mania

Garfield isn’t the only one who hates Mondays; it’s a universal feeling. (Well, almost… We can’t all be lucky enough to work at a skating rink!) Fortunately, we’re giving Mondays a brand new vibe with our Monday Mania deal! What it includes:

  • 2 admissions
  • 2 skate rentals
  • 2 game cards
  • All for only $16.50!

Winter Break Early Bird Special

Looking for fun Winter Break activities for your kids in Tallahassee? Check out our Early Bird Special.

  • When: December 20th-January 4th (excluding December 24th-25th)
  • What: Come in between noon and 4 pm and get:
    • $10 admission (includes 1 activity: Skating or Playground*)
    • $5 skate rental
  • *Playground for kids 10 years old and younger only.

Off-The-Walls Party Ideas For Your Next Celebration

When you love to throw parties as much as we do at Skate World Center, it gets difficult to come up with more unique ideas for themes and locations. Luckily, we are here to help! Here are 3 off the walls party ideas for your next bash:

Make-Your-Own Music Festival

Ideally, you might want to have all your friends attend your favorite music festival in honor of your birthday, but there’s a lot of money and logistics that might go into a celebration like that. Our recommendation? Bring the best parts about a music festival to you! Have everyone dress in their best festival-wear, offer complimentary body glitter upon arrival, and create a “festival lineup” of all your favorite artists who your guests can choose to sing songs by when it comes time for karaoke. You’ll surely be reminiscing on your favorite festival ever for years to come!

Roller Derby Party

We all know roller skating parties are always a blast – so why not take it up a notch? Have a roller derby party! Warn your guests to come ready to race and rumble, equip them with plenty of padding, and have someone come teach them the basics of roller derby. Not only will this party be tons of fun, but your guests may leave with a new hobby!

Gala Bash

Whether you use this theme for an award show watch party or your own birthday party is up to you – any reason to dress to the nines is a good one! For your next party, ask everyone to dress in the fanciest (or most sparkly) thing in their closet. Be sure to serve fancy beverages, decorate with plenty of glitter, and give out awards for the best-dressed at the end of the night.

Any time you’re looking for a great party idea, Skate World Center is always here to help! 

Fun Family Outings in Tallahassee

Dad carrying daughter on shouldersSummer is drawing to a close, and the excitement of a new season is in the air. If you’re looking for fun fall activities in Tallahassee, check out our list of local events and things to do around town. 

Tally-Ho! Exciting Outings in Florida’s Capital City

Get your family off of the couch and out on the town for a good time! These are some of the best family outings in Tallahassee, whether you’re looking for ways to get more active, learn something new, or engage with the vibrant culture of the local art community. 

Cruise On Over to Monday Night Family Sk8 Mania

Every Monday from 4 pm to 8 pm we host Family Sk8 Mania, one of the best weekly events in Tallahassee. This night of roller skating isn’t just fun, it’s also a great option if you’re looking for affordable family activities. Skate admission is only $4 per person, and skate rental is also just $4 each. If you have your own skates, make sure you bring them and save that money for fun in the arcade or a treat at our snack bar! If you don’t have your own skates, that’s OK too. Remember to wear thick, tall socks. (Of course, once you’re a regular, you’ll definitely want to buy your own pair of skates. We have tons of stylish options, whether you want to channel retro style with colorful quad skates or go sporty with a pair of inline skates. Just visit our pro shop on your next visit!)

Catch a Planetarium Show at the Challenger Learning Center

Looking for an educational outing for your family? Head to the Challenger Learning Center for a planetarium show on their 50-foot, high-def screen with 20,600-watt Dolby 5.1 sound and cutting-edge projectors. The 128-seat theater provides an incredibly immersive experience that will have you and your kids transfixed as you explore space together. If you’ve ever been to an old-school planetarium with a star projector, you will be amazed at how far technology has come. You can also catch some cool music shows, from the oh-so-apropos Dark Side of the Moon to The Wall

Visit Railroad Square Art District

Tallahassee’s vibrant arts district, Railroad Square, is home to some of the coolest galleries and shops in the area, but it’s also a great place to be for the monthly First Friday festivals. On the first Friday of the month, head there to enjoy open houses and later hours at the galleries and shops, live music, great food from local restaurants and food trucks, and an overall laid-back evening of creativity and fun. 

What are your favorite family activities in Tallahassee? We hope to see you soon at Skate World Center to let the good times—and the family bonding—roll! 

Beat the Heat with Summer Skating

Woman in cute retro outfit wearing roller skates sitting on grass in front of palm treesSummer heat in Florida is no joke! If you’re looking for ways to stay active and have fun without braving the (sometimes not-so-great) outdoors, we’re here to help. Just say “Thank you, next” to mosquitoes, sunburns, and humidity so thick you can practically swim through it. Head to Skate World for some fun—out of the sun!

Summer at the Skating Rink

People come from all over Tallahassee and the surrounding area to enjoy our skating rink, and we think you’ll love it too, whether you’ve been skating for years or are a total newbie. Our summer hours are in effect until August 10th, 2021, and regular fall hours resume on August 11th, 2021. 

During the summer, you can join us from noon to 4 pm every day except Sunday, so you can escape the hottest part of the day in our air conditioned indoor skating rink. We even have an indoor playground, so kids under 10 years old can burn off some energy. When you need a break from busting moves on the rink, head over to our arcade to play your favorite games, or hit the cafe for an energizing snack.   

Keep an eye on our schedule for other skating opportunities throughout the week, like Family Sk8 Mania and speed skating practice, and Adults Only Skate Night. We’re also booking private parties, available every day of the week except for Sunday. If you’re planning a celebration, give us a call at 850-386-4807 or contact us online to make a reservation. 

Why Skating is the Hot New Hobby

Roller skating has always been a popular activity, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has blown up even more. TikTok videos and Instagram stories of stylish skaters grooving to music have inspired people who haven’t skated in years (or ever) to lace up some skates and get rolling. 

The roller skating boom is especially cool because skating isn’t just fun and “aesthetic.” It’s also a really good workout! Roller skating regularly gives you a cardiovascular workout while strengthening and toning your core abdominal muscles and leg muscles. Over time, you may start to notice improvements to your stamina, balance, and agility! Because skating is a low-impact sport, it’s a great cross-training activity to give your joints a break from running, CrossFit, basketball, etc. 

Of course, the cool factor can’t be totally explained by roller skating’s many health and fitness benefits. It’s also just straight-up fun and cool! There are tons of ways to express yourself through roller skating, from the moves you show off on the rink, to the roller skates you wear on your feet. Investing in your own pair of skates lets you show off your personal style, and you can even customize them with light up wheels, colorful laces, and other skating accessories. Visit us at our pro shop and we can help you choose the perfect skates from our selection of trendy and classic skates.

Don’t Miss Our Summer Skating Specials!

Stylish woman dancing on roller skatesSummer 2021 is finally here! After the chaos of the pandemic, most people felt like summer passed them by completely. This year, it’s all about making up for lost time and having the funnest summer ever. At Skate World Center, we’re doing our part! Check out our new roller skating special, along with some other ideas for summer fun in Tallahassee. 

Skate World Summer Fun

Bring the whole family for a fun outing to the skating rink! We’re making it easy with this value-packed deal.

Monday Sk8 Mania Special

This package costs $33 (regular price is $44) and includes:

  • 4 skate admissions
  • 4 skate rentals
  • 4 game cards ($3 per card)

Our Sk8 Mania special is only available Mondays from 4-8 pm. 

Beat the Heat Special

Monday isn’t your only chance for skating specials here at Skate World Center! Join us from Monday to Saturday all summer long from noon to 4 pm and get $10 admission and $4 skate rental. Your admission is good for one activity—roller skating or the playground. (Please note that our indoor playground is for kids 10 years old and younger only! Above the ankle socks are required for both skating and the playground.) 

Adult Nights

Don’t worry, grownups, the kids don’t get to have all the fun. Join us on Thursday nights from 6-9 pm for Adults Only Skate Jam! Admission is only $10 and includes skate rental. Don’t forget to bring your face mask and long socks! (Other discounts and passes cannot be applied to this event.)

Other Summer Activities in Tallahassee

Outdoor Skating

If you just can’t get enough skating and want to add outdoor roller skating to your fitness routine, come on in to buy a new pair of skates! We can help you get set up with stylish skates and the correct wheels to use outdoors. Take a sneak peek at some of our newest roller skates, and visit our pro shop next time you’re here. 

There are tons of awesome places to roller skate outdoors in Tallahassee. These are just a few of our favorites!


See a Movie

Movie theaters are a welcome reprieve from the summer heat here in Florida; head to your favorite local movie theater to enjoy the air conditioning, some buttery popcorn, and oh yeah, a movie! But you don’t have to go inside to enjoy a summer cinema experience. Be sure to check out Tally Outdoor Movies to catch an outdoor screening under the stars.

Explore State Parks

We’re lucky to be close to some really fantastic state parks here in Tallahassee. How many have you been to? Summer is a great time to start checking them off your list! One of the coolest is Florida Caverns State Park, where you can take a tour of the limestone caves.